Printmaking history is replete with artists who used print processes to examine issues they were unwilling to address in painting. The issues were frequently narrative in character and socially related and always closer to the bone than their painted work. I feel part of that tradition. There are, literally, many hundreds of such artists in history including many significant printmakers who are still working today. I have been at work on an intaglio series for about 15 years working under the banner of Contemporary Grievous Sins. Plates are all 18” x 12” and vertical in orientation. The subject matter is not Lust, Greed, Sloth, etc. as were the traditional Deadly Sins, but they are related. The work is slow and I tend to proof a great deal. I have plates that I have worked on for nearly five years off and on. I am completely uninterested in market and sales although the prints have found their way into a number of public collections and I am pleased when that happens.