When I need to feel connected, when I find myself ungrounded or with internal chaos, I feel drawn to being in nature near wild Bison. American Bison bring me home to self. I feel their sturdy weighted earthiness, see their “belonging” within a landscape and understand how close they came to extinction, I feel so grateful they are still a part of the larger ecosystem. I feel community, connection to place, time stretching out into nothingness, and peace when in the presence of these ancient beings.

I have been photographing Bison in five states for 3 years, blending these with other landscape photographs to bring Bison into the western lands their ancestors roamed. These images are then exposed onto photo polymer plates, inked, wiped and run through a press. The older photo sensitive polymer plate surfaces have a certain edge disintegration and some fogging that I find adds to the illusive quality of Bison.