Making art and being creative is such an important and vital piece of who I am- it allows me to navigate the waters of life, better understand my feelings and experiences, as well as to share stories with those around me. I have discovered pieces of myself through the creative process, and have had the opportunity to hear stories and learn about those around me through sharing these processes as well. In the studio I lose myself for hours at a time- it is the place that my present self and my seven year old self meet in the middle. This intersection often produces narrative pieces that draw direct inspiration from the natural world around me, imagery from my dreams, as well as imaginative thoughts that I found impactful. I have learned the importance of patience and discipline through this practice, because although there are days that everything goes perfectly as planned, there are still days that I show up and the potter’s wheel, the carving tools, or the paints seems to get the better of me. Through this I have learned the importance of showing up to the studio even when inspiration seems to be an elusive entity, even when I’m not sure if I can successfully master an unfamiliar medium. As soon as I take the step of trying, things fall right back into place, then I continue to learn and grow. By constantly striving to expand my abilities as an artist I am able to achieve a deeper understanding of my art and by extension, myself.