I find the multifaceted process of the printmaking of fine art both exhilarating and freeing. There is the harmonious interlinking of creative concept, visualizing the mirror image, mathematical planning and layout, physical creating of the plate by hand, then combining it with the action of the press, and finally the dance between ink and paper. So many things can go wrong within this process, but ultimately the revealing of that first print reward me with something no other form of art does, a collective creation.

Within the printmaking array, my favorite mediums are linoleum prints, photopolymer etching of hand drawn sketches, and dry point etching.

Personally I have an adventurous spirit, always looking for new ideas, new places to visit, learning about people groups and cultures, testing old ideas, and pushing myself to try new things. I am always creating and analyzing, combining adventures already lived, with dreams imagined, and an optimistic hope for the future.


My art is depicting ‘moments in time’ that convey a series of emotions – love, elation, joy, excitement, peace and hope. I love to add some surreal or whimsical symbols to my work, to encourage and uplift, and to bring to light the strength within the human spirit, even in spite of times of struggle. Mostly, I want my art to encourage those in the midst of difficult circumstances, to find hope, courage and freedom.