My personal background is one of wide open spaces with abundant flora and fauna. Much of my work is focused on natural resources, environmental critique, and roles of women in society. Some might label it eco-feminism. Studies of Mexican art history coupled with many decades of living in the Southwest have also contributed to my appreciation for Mexican art and culture.

YIELD discusses control of reproductive rights and the impact of genetic engineering. Will the patriarchy continue to push women and Mother Earth to their limits?

REALITY SETS IN uses 19th Century Victorian wallpaper imagery to convey a traditional sense of feminine beauty and goodness. Yet, upon closer inspection, the many ways in which women are victimized, marginalized, and subjugated become evident.

SPLAT explores the real Grimm’s fairytale of the “Princess & the Frog.” Unlike the Disney version of the story, the princess actually hurls the frog against the wall in order to transform him into a prince.