The process and techniques in developing an etching present an unlimited scope of what can be created. Etchings are challenging because the outcome and results involving the techniques are unpredictable and unknown. I find this challenge inspiring, stimulating and motivation to created work of art in the medium. There are many elements, tools, papers and components involved in creating an etching which makes the etching unique and different than most other art forms.

I was at ASU working on a BA when I took a class in etching and this form became the focus of my MFA Thesis. The theme in my work is mostly working with symbols and the arrangement in a composition. Most of these themes are from Native America but not limited to this. I am currently developing art in abstract/contemporary themes integrating symbols in the compositions.

Currently my interest also is to approach printmaking from a different aspect by using the etchings in collages. Color application to the etchings are always a challenge and am exploring the combination of monoprints with the etchings.