Marlys Kubicek still embraces traditional printmaking processes, but also feels there is much more to be offered than the “perfect edition”. Combining innovative printmaking techniques with mixed-media brings her work into a contemporary space where printmaking is on an equal footing with painting, drawing, collage and assemblage.

Her recent body of work speaks directly to issues confronting society. She does not allude to how she feels about guns, education, the environment and the world we are leaving our children, she creates images that leave no doubt what her point of view is.

The self-portrait “In My Humble Opinion” is inspired by the internal process needed in the creation of a body of work.

“An American Childhood” merges memories from her own childhood and the memories being created for the children of today.

“And We Say We Love our Kids” was the beginning of her body of work “In My Humble Opinion”. Pieces of this work were made before she was in graduate school in the 90s’s, she continued working these themes during her course of study and reassembled all the pieces in 2017 which you see here.