Being an artist is the process and journey of searching for the answers to my life. It has been that way with me since childhood, when I would sit on the hillside drawing, apart from the other children and their play.

While I have been a painter for a long time, I have always been open to communicating via any media and technique, from wood carving to quilt making, and have long been interested in printmaking. My thought concerning printmaking is that the images I make are not totally different from the paintings that I do. In that sense, printmaking is simply another vehicle for expressing my vision and intention. However, there is also some unique charm to printmaking that makes it stand alone, and I cannot resist that charm.

My art is primarily based on the stories and feelings that surround me and make up my life. Therefore I care a great deal about the emotions expressed in my work. So I listen to the heart intuitions that rise from deep in the space of pure mind and try to bring them out as visible subjects in my work. My work relates to my common life, so the subjects represented are simple and varied. People, flowers, fish, animals, and insects are all important. My painting and printmaking work share the same subjects and themes.


One of the advantages I have found in printmaking is that it involves various techniques and methods that allow me to explore a new world of art that I cannot reach in my painting. I find the process and care needed for successful printmaking to be at once focusing and liberating.